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After the international success of its first two feature films, Triggerfish Animation Studios is establishing The Triggerfish Story Lab with the support of The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and The Walt Disney Company.

Triggerfish will be investing up to R44m over the next three years in The Story Lab, which aims to give Africa’s most talented storytellers and filmmakers the opportunity to develop their ideas alongside Triggerfish’s international network of mentors. Selected storytellers will potentially have their concepts developed into episodic TV content or an animated feature film for the global market.

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Oct 29 2014
POP the Culture!

POP the Culture!

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POP The Culture launches it’s training and workshop programme during the 2014 Kunjanimation animation festival running from 26th November – 30th November and various members of the Triggerfish team will be presenting workshops and masterclasses alongside other industry experts during the event. See below for more details and join the Facebook group for updates.

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Available to buy: Khumba – Original Soundtrack by Bruce Retief

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The official Khumba soundtrack by Bruce Retief is now available to buy. Find it at your nearest store or get it at Amazon or iTunes. Read the recent article on Bruce in Screen Africa to find out more about the talented composer behind the music:

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 8.30.38 AM

Bruce Retief, composer of animated feature films Adventures in Zambezia and Khumba, released by Cape Town-based Triggerfish Animation Studios, produces albums and composes and arranges music for various artists in South Africa. However, these movies were his big break into composing film scores.

“I knew about the plans to make Adventures from Zambezia from early on, and I waited for a director, who turned out to be Wayne Thornley, to be attached to the project so I could send my music to pitch to him. Apparently I was one of 12 applicants, and Wayne chose me.

“It was my and Wayne’s first full feature so we walked a road together and discovered what we wanted as we went along. This process took two years! Wayne is the type of director who prefers to have examples shown to him to work from, so I would come up with an idea for a scene, play it for him, and he would give his comments and make suggestions and changes. Most of the time we agreed on the emotion that was required for the various scenes,” says Retief.

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Khumba at Kunjanimation

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Khumba animators and artists were invited to this year’s Kunjanimation Animation Festival 2013, to share their experiences at the Triggerfish studio with students, industry professionals and the general public in Johannesburg. This is the 3rd edition of the SA animation festival.

After a week of business-related Kunjanimation seminars, the last day appropriately rounded the festival off on a creative note with inspiring art-related discussions and seminars as well as the highly-anticipated Kunjanimation Exhibition – all hosted and catered for at the WITS School of Arts. The line-up included two talks on the making of Khumba.

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Triggerfish at Absa VUKA showcase

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Experience the essence of Afro Optimism when SA is represented at the Absa VUKA Showcase this year in East London. Taste, listen to, and see the talent and creativity streaming out of the borders of this ever-developing country.  Over the weekend of Nov 1-3 Triggerfish will be attending the inaugural event as part of the Vision showcase Programme.  Producer Mike Buckland will be discussing the making of Zambezia while director Anthony Silverston will talk about Khumba. Animator and Shot Supervisor Kane Croudace will also be on hand to demonstrate the animation software. Says Buckland “Triggerfish is excited to be represented at an event with the positive theme of Awakening Afro Optimism since this aligns with our greater vision to portray a positive vision of Africa and its talent to the world.”

For a full line up of presentations, visit

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Triggerfish visits Ntuzuma Township

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Over the festive season, Triggerfish had been presented with an exciting opportunity to work together with the Durban Art Gallery in a Digital Art Outreach programme.

Mdu, Tessa, Tom and Tumi, our Triggerfish team, were eager to enlighten the passionate learners of the Ntuzuma Township with an introductory course to Animation. The course provided the learners with the opportunity to participate in Texturing, Modelling, Sculpting and Animation – some of the combined specialities that a Studio like ours needs to bring about an animated feature production.

The excitement, passion and commitment shown by the learners had shown us just how eager they were to learn. The ability to share our knowledge with the Ntuzuma Township learners was a truly  rewarding experience.

A very special thank you to Mdu for organizing this outreach and to Musa and Titus from the Durban Art Gallery for all their support, as well as the Ntuzuma Township, for giving our Triggerfish family, Tessa Comrie, Tumelo Selamolela, Tom Kleinenberg and Mdu Cwele this fantastic opportunity to spread the gift of knowledge.

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Animation conference held at Triggerfish

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Partnering with Services SETA and CFC, Animation SA recently brought out  Kevin Geiger – a world renowned consultant to major studios across the globe, including The Walt Disney Company and Dreamworks – to host a special 5-day conference held at Triggerfish animation studios in Cape Town. 
The invaluable conference was offered free to members of Animation SA and was attended by over 50 members of the animation community from across the country. In addition to the many benefits of the conference itself, the event provided a wonderful opportunity to members of the local industry to network, discuss issues facing the industry and for companies from Joburg and Cape Town to mix in an informal setting. 
Kevin is considered internationally as an authority on the Business of Animation. He specializes in Pipeline Efficiency and Budget Management and offers invaluable advice on a project for project basis.
Kevin Geiger has over 15 years of technical, artistic and organizational experience in the animation and special effects industry, including 12 years with Walt Disney Feature Animation and Cal Arts. Mr. Geiger has supervised and consulted on successful animated feature film productions with budgets of more than $100 million USD to less than $10 million USD, and is a highly-regarded expert on production pipelines and workflow efficiencies.
Currently resident in mainland China, Kevin Geiger is the acting President & CEO of Magic Dumpling (Beijing) International Cultural Media Corporation Ltd., an original entertainment content development company. Kevin also serves as Chairman of the China Animation Business Association, and International Department Chairman of the Beijing Film Animation Association.
A huge thanks to Tim Argall, David Whitehouse and all the members of Animation SA who helped make the event possible. 
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Hooray for Stop-Frame!

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It was great to see the stop-frame shorts made by participants in Animation SA and UNIMA’s recent series of animation workshops. The films were screened at last week’s animationXchange and will be showcased again at the Unima “Out the Box” festival in March next year.

The aim of the workshops was to help professionals broaden their skills into the world of 3-dimensional animation. Experienced and established animators (including those from Triggerfish) were asked to facilitate and give their input on all aspects from character design to post-production over a period of 6 weeks. Participants teamed up to create a short piece of stop-frame animation and for just 6 sessions with only 2 of them as shoot days, the results were impressive!

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Zambezia Read-throughs

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A talented team of local performers came together to read through the script for Zambezia in preparation for the recording of the scratch track which will be used to create a rough animatic of the entire film. The experience of the performers and the spontaneity that the group dynamic brought has already brought new depth and humour to the film and even taken us in some new and surprising directions with characters that came alive through the reading.

Nik Rabinowitz and Zolani Mahola returned after working together with us previously on the Khumba promo. They were joined by director of Nik’s shows and actor/comedian in his own right Brent Palmer, as well as established theatre and film actors Tshamano Sebe and Sizwe Msutu. The recordings took place at Media Village in Kalk Bay, and even though characters may be replaced by different performers once a full casting has taken place, they will form the basis of all future performances as well as timing of the animatic.

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