Spier Films Invests in Khumba

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Award-winning production and finance company, Spier Films, has put its weight behind Triggerfish Animation Studios’ animated feature film, Khumba.

Starting with U-Carmen eKhayelitsha in 2004, Spier has funded a slate of successful films including Master Harold and the Boys, Son of Man and Black Butterflies. This is the first time the company has invested in an animated feature film. Managing Director of Spier Films, Michael Auret says:

“We are very proud to be involved with Khumba because of the amazing achievement that was Zambezia which is still entertaining audiences globally. We believe that animation is an area where South Africa can compete in the international market and we want to do everything to support these kinds of projects. There is a great creative team behind Triggerfish and we trust them to produce something even better with this film.”

Slated for release later this year, Khumba tells the story of a half-striped zebra who is blamed for the drought by his superstitious herd and leaves his home in search of the magic waterhole where legend has it, the first zebras got their stripes. Teaming up with an overprotective, sassy wildebeest and a self-obsessed ostrich, this plucky young zebra meets an array of wacky characters in an unforgettable adventure through the Great Karoo desert to earn his stripes.

The original story was penned by Triggerfish writers Raffaella Delle Donne and Anthony Silverston in consultation with Jonathan Roberts (The Lion King) and has been picked up by Millennium Entertainment for North American distribution. Following on from the success of their first widely released animated feature Adventures in Zambezia, Triggerfish CEO Stuart Forrest is thrilled to have Spier on board, making Khumba a 100% locally funded film.

“Having a financial partner like Spier, along with our other South African investors the IDC, DTI and the NFVF, is such a great affirmation that we are producing a world-class product that does our country proud. Zambezia is the first African animation film to be nominated for two Annie Awards and has become Africa’s most successful film export since The Gods Must Be Crazy, released over thirty years ago. We expect Khumba to break this longstanding record.”

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