Triggerfish visits Ntuzuma Township

22 Jan 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized | Posted by: Triggerfish


Over the festive season, Triggerfish had been presented with an exciting opportunity to work together with the Durban Art Gallery in a Digital Art Outreach programme.

Mdu, Tessa, Tom and Tumi, our Triggerfish team, were eager to enlighten the passionate learners of the Ntuzuma Township with an introductory course to Animation. The course provided the learners with the opportunity to participate in Texturing, Modelling, Sculpting and Animation – some of the combined specialities that a Studio like ours needs to bring about an animated feature production.

The excitement, passion and commitment shown by the learners had shown us just how eager they were to learn. The ability to share our knowledge with the Ntuzuma Township learners was a truly  rewarding experience.

A very special thank you to Mdu for organizing this outreach and to Musa and Titus from the Durban Art Gallery for all their support, as well as the Ntuzuma Township, for giving our Triggerfish family, Tessa Comrie, Tumelo Selamolela, Tom Kleinenberg and Mdu Cwele this fantastic opportunity to spread the gift of knowledge.

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